Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some old urban sketches

Rediscovering my passion for drawing the urban landscape has send me again browsing through old sketchbooks. Here is some stuff that passes the test of my inner critic (from top to bottom):
SAN FRANCISCO: A view of Russian Hill from the Holiday Inn Express in Fisherman's Wharf where we stayed on New Year's Eve of 2001.
LOS ANGELES: A night scribble of the Getty Museum from May 2001.
CHARLOTTE: A sketch of a Caribou coffee store from January 2000.

Redescubrir mi pasión por dibujar el paisaje urbano me ha llevado otra vez a hojear viejos cuadernos. De los que he encontrado, aqui pongo unos cuantos que están pasables (de arriba a abajo):
SAN FRANCISCO: Vista de Russian Hill desde el Holiday Inn Express en Fisherman's Wharf donde nos quedamos en Nochevieja del 2001.
LOS ANGELES: Un apunte nocturno en el Getty Museum de Mayo del 2001.
CHARLOTTE: Una cafetería Caribou que dibujé en Enero del 2000.


  1. I really like your sketches. They're very good work and I admire the detail and use of specific/limited colors. Good job.

    If you get a chance, check out my blog at:

  2. I like the addition of red on the last one -- and the colors of the top one in San Francisco.
    Couldn't help adding your Flickr latest on my blog :-)
    Oh, and i like that new icon of yours on Flickr!