Friday, November 23, 2007

Not a 'puente' Friday today

In Spain, when there's a holiday that falls on a Thursday, like happened here with Thanksgiving yesterday, most people take the day off the next day and call it a "puente" —which means bridge— because you connect the holiday with the weekend to create a nice 4-day vacation. I don't think there's an equivalent term in English. If there is, please let me know! The thing is that I won't be taking a 'puente' today. It'll be another day getting on that bus.
En España, cuando una fiesta cae en jueves, como cayó aquí Thanksgiving ayer, la mayoría de gente se toma el viernes libre y a eso se le llama hacer 'puente', porque conectas el día festivo con el fin de semana y así tienes unas mini vacaciones de cuatro dias. Creo que no existe un término equivalente en inglés. Si existe alguno por favor decídmelo! El caso es que hoy no hago puente. Ahí estaré en la parada del autobús como de costumbre.


  1. Here in Australia it is called a long weekend if a public holiday is on the Friday or Monday. If you take the extra day off it is still a long weekend. I love the way you call it a puente or is it peunte...I can't see the spelling from here. I love learning new words. I love your blog as well.
    Lots of love from Susan in Australia

  2. Here in Sweden it's called a squeeze-day, as in being squeezed between the holiday and the weekend. Just wanted to drop by and say that I totally love your work, its amazing!

  3. thanks susan and sama, I like the 'squeeze-day' term, sounds fun