Thursday, November 1, 2007

College guide

©The Seattle Times
I went with a sketchbook style for the cover and some spot illustrations of this year's Seattle Times' College Guide. To gather some reference, I spent a morning at the University of Washington's campus taking some notes. Part of me felt like I wanted to be in college again. Or perhaps is that I just wanted to be 18 or 20 again.
Escogí un estilo a la 'sketchbook' para la portada e ilustraciones interiores de la Guía Universitaria que publica cada año el Seattle Times. Pasé una mañana en el campus de la Universidad de Washington tomando notas de referencia. Me sentí un poco nostálgico de mis años universitarios, o quizá simplemente de cuando tenía 18 ó 20 años.


  1. How good to know there can be a finished-product use for sketchbook style art. It depends on the publication, but this is very eye-catching.

  2. I LOVE THIS! What a smart way to handle this challenge.

  3. The sketch simply shows the usual cycle of students in University. College life is the most exciting part of everyone's life that's why we always dream to bring back those happy days when we were in college.