Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sketch interrupted

The cops returned and drove away pretty soon after I had started sketching their car. Too bad. I added a few more lines later from memory and some color when I got home to 'save' the interrupted sketch. To most people here police cars may seem uninteresting. For someone like me who grew up in a different country and used to see them only in movies, they are totally cool: the paint jobs, the lettering, the city's police logo, the sirens. They are definitely an American icon.
La patrulla de policías regresó y se fueron en el coche poco después de que yo hubiera empezado a dibujarlo. Qué mala suerte. Añadí unas cuantas líneas más de memoria y también un poco de color para intentar 'salvar' este dibujo interrumpido. A la mayoría de la gente los coches de policía de aquí les deben parecer normales. Pero yo, que crecí en otro país y los veía sólo en películas, los encuentro interesantísimos: los colores, la tipografía, el logotipo del cuerpo de policía al que pertenecen, las sirenas. Son sin duda un símbolo americano.


  1. Even if you were interrupted, this came out great!

  2. Ah, so you are attracted to bright, shiny objects that make neat noises, have flashing lights, and contain super-powered motors! Yes, we definitely have macho police cars that match our history of cowboys, Indians, and the wild-wild West. Since we didn't have a bunch of world wars fought here, we could afford bigger cars to fit our newer, wider roads. Do you have mounted patrols where you live? Police on horses are a treat.

  3. you're right jenny, i'm like a four year old at heart. thanks for the historical context, it makes total sense!