Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Somalia: Where khat is king

©The Seattle Times
I'm sorry to go from yesterday's cheerful image to today's not so happy one, but that's how the world is. And it doesn't hurt to be reminded of the hardships many people face in other countries. This story that I illustrated last week was particularly eye-opening for me because I wasn't aware of the drug problems in Somalia where, on the contrary, cellphones work flawlessly. A very interesting read.
Siento pasar de la imagen tan alegre de ayer a una bastante deprimente, pero así es el mundo. No está de más tener presente los problemas de mucha gente en otros países. Este artículo que ilustré la semana pasada me chocó porque desconocía el problema de la droga en Somalia donde, por el contrario, la red de telefonía móvil funciona de maravilla. Una lectura muy interesante.


  1. How ironic can life sometimes be...flawless working cellphones versus poverty and dreadful drug problems...
    You did excellent sketchwork here Gabi, sensitive, simple, descriptive, without playing up to sensation.

  2. i tried to get the point of the story across without being too dramatic. i'm glad you liked the result, thanks!

  3. Nice piece of art. I enjoy my visits to your blog. Really like your simple masthead.

  4. thanks terry, i was actually thinking about redesigning the masthead soon, add some drawings perhaps and change it every now and then