Saturday, September 1, 2007

My phone

I drew my office telephone a couple of days ago for EDM #13. I really like annotating my sketches. The words make the image more interesting.
El otro día dibujé mi teléfono del trabajo para el ejercicio número 13 de Everyday Matters. Me gusta anotar mis dibujos. Las palabras hacen que la imagen sea más interesante.


  1. I LOVE this. Love it.

    *note to self; Fave this on Flickr*

  2. OK, it's not on Flickr - and niether is your car mirror drawing, will they be posted there? Or are they just little blog 'extras'. I do that too.

    Anyway, these arwe the things I love about this drawing; firstly it's a damn good drawing (of course), it makes me want to draw a phone (I can tell you I've never had that urge before) and I have a phone here at home and I have no ideas what any of the buttons are for apart from the numbers and redial. Cool beans.

  3. I have to agree with Andrea. I should go draw my phone now. It's a great drawing technically and yes, I love the annotations. Just makes it more interesting and I get a glimpse inside your head. WE had a phone like that that we picked up at an auction. We never knew what half the buttons meant either.