Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It's time for some makeup again

This is the second time I sketch someone applying makeup on the bus (first person, top left). I find it extremely hard because the hands are moving fast, from eye to eye, then the lady checks on the mirror, right, left, right, left... It's enough to drive a humble sketcher crazy. You can see the first time I sketched a similar situation here.
Ésta es la segunda vez que dibujo a alguien poniéndose maquillaje en el autobús (arriba a la izquierda). Me resulta muy difícil porque las manos van de un lado para otro rapidísimo, ahora esta pestaña, ahora la otra... es para volver loco a cualquier dibujante. Si quieres ver la primera vez que tomé unos apuntes similares pincha aquí.


  1. Great sketches Gabi...I also loove your paiting of San Lucas road house!

  2. You know, all of these bus drawings are just brilliant. I'm always so jealous of the ability to do this.Yours have a real distinctive sytle. You can tell they are 'a Gabi' immmeadiately. FAB!