Monday, September 3, 2007

Hey drivers, look what you can do on the bus

Every time I take the bus and look out the window and see all those single drivers bumper to bumper on the non car pool lanes I feel like telling them... hey, leave the car home, take the bus, you can drink coffee, work on your laptop, listen to music... and you'll save gas too —not to mention helping the environment. Okay, okay, I got a little bit preachy today, you'll have to forgive me. I'll post more bus sketches from last week tomorrow, sans speech.
Cada día que voy en el autobús y veo por la ventana a todos esos conductores que van solos en sus vehículos, frenando a cada paso para no darse con el de delante, me dan ganas de decirles... hey, deja el coche en casa, ven con nosotros, en el bus te puedes beber el café, trabajar en tu ordenador portátil, escuchar música... y te ahorrarás la gasolina —y eso sin contar la ayuda al medio ambiente que supondría quitar tantos coches de la carretera. Bueno, bueno, hoy me ha salido la vena proselitista, me tendréis que perdonar. Mañana pondré más sketches que hice en el bus la semana pasada, y sin sermón.


  1. Keep them coming! I always look forward to your bus sketches. You are so right - what a productive way to spend your time, compared to driving a car. Go ahead and preach, Gabi. We all need to be reminded once in a while how illogical our behavior is.

  2. Gabi, thanks again for your lovely comments! I have to add that I love the bus sketches too. We don't have a car and I go everywhere by bus now and my stress levels are WAY down compared to before (mind you, driving in Kuwait can give anyone a heart attack!) Some of my best trips have been on buses on holidays, you get a real flavour of the country that way!