Sunday, September 9, 2007

Golden boy

I've drawn our other car before, but don't recall drawing this one. We call it 'Golden boy' because of the metalic light goldish color. It's a little GM Prizm and we normally park it outside because there's not enough room for both in the garage with all the toys and other stuff. I've also drawn our street from a similar vantage point a couple of times. (Black Micron Pigma 0.8, Prismacolor marker 20 percent French Gray, and Prismacolor color pencils on spiral Strathmore 3.5" by 5" sketchpad.)
He dibujado el otro coche que tenemos anteriormente, pero no éste, al que solemos llamar 'Golden boy' por el color metalizado que tiene. Es un pequeño GM Prizm y lo solemos aparcar fuera del garaje porque no hay sitio suficiente con todos los juguetes y demás trastos. Desde un ángulo parecido también he dibujado nuestra calle un par de veces. (Rotulador negro Micron Pigma 0.8, rotulador Prismacolor 20 por ciento French Gray y lápices de color Prismacolor en bloc de dibujo Strathmore 3.5 por 5 pulgadas.)


  1. Gabi, I love the freshness of this drawing. It is delightful and the composition is well done. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Your drawings are fantastic, I spent a solid hour the other day looking back through your archives.

    I own the same car, which my wife and I lovingly call "Champagne Prizm", and joke that with a name like that, was likely a "dancer" in a former life :)

  3. i knew it, we're not the only people with nicknames for their cars! Golden Boy Prizm meet Champagne Prizm

    thanks for the nice comments guys!

  4. wagonized6:03 AM

    Excellent sketch. The car is very well drawn. And i like this particular perspective on your street.