Wednesday, August 1, 2007

When I retire I want to be...

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What do people do when they reach retirement age? A business brief I illustrated said that 18 percent start a new career. And many choose to continue working, if you can believe that.
¿Qué hace la gente cuando cumple edad de retirarse? El breve de economía para el que hice esta ilustración decía que un 18 por ciento empieza una nueva carrera. Y muchos, si os lo podéis creer, deciden continuar trabajando.

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  1. Those who have answered those either want to continue what they love to do, or do something that they've wanted to do ever since, don't you agree? There are people who have finished a certain degree in college, but end up having jobs on the different line. For example, a computer engineering graduate can end up a fireman, but with the proper training, right?