Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sketching during my commute

This past week was my most productive so far as far as drawing during my commute goes (I add the colors later at home with gouache.) I'm exhausted and the weekend is almost over. I'm also starting to feel my bus sketches are becoming repetitive but I'm going to keep trying to find new angles and ways to make them different. I was lucky this week when I got to sketch the driver.
Esta última semana ha sido la más productiva por el momento dibujando en el bus cuando voy al trabajo (los colores los pongo luego en casa con gouache). Estoy rendido y el fin de semana ya casi se acaba. También siento que me empiezo a repetir en este tipo de sketches, pero voy a seguir buscando nuevos ángulos y maneras de hacerlos diferentes. Esta semana tuve suerte de poder dibujar al conductor.


  1. Fantastic sketches, I'd love to be so prolific! I don't see them as repetitive at all, it's just all great practice.

  2. dont stop...we will miss them...maybe you should sit on the floor for a new angle...just teasing...:>

  3. I love looking at your bus sketches and don't think they're repetitive at all. I find them so interesting. I could be cheeky and say to do some sitting upside down, but I know that's probably only funny to me in this unusual mood that I'm in. :-)

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