Saturday, August 4, 2007

Puget Sound ferries

The Edmonds beach by the Edmonds ferry terminal is one of our favorite places to go. We were there Thursday morning and watched the ferries go back and forth across the Puget Sound, with the Olympic Mountains in the distance. I also sketched some seagulls there a while ago. Micron Pigma 0.8 pen and Prismacolor markers and color pencils on Strathmore 3.5" x 5" sketchpad.
El jueves por la mañana estuvimos en la playa de Edmonds, desde donde se ven ir y venir a los ferrys que van al otro lado del Puget Sound, con las Montañas Olímpicas en el horizonte. Desde ahí mismo hice este otro sketch con gaviotas hace unos meses. Rotulador negro Micron Pigma 0.8 y rotuladores y lápices de colores Prismacolor en bloc de dibujo Strathmore de 3.5 x 5 pulgadas.


  1. We used to ride the norfolk ferry across the chesapeake to hmm dc? no it was to hampton a child...and i just loved it...watching the water and being on the big boat...thanks for the drawings and bringing back the memories...

  2. wagonized8:03 PM

    Excellent ferry sketches. I love your notes all around your drawings too.

  3. I'm enjoying your blog and your sketches. They stood out for me today since in a month we're visiting the San Juan islands, and will be taking a ferry to get there. Adventure!