Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A picture in need of a story

Ever since I drew this ages ago I wish I had a story to tell about these two little people, then I could draw what happens next.
Desde que dibujé esto hace un montón de tiempo me gustaría tener una historia que contar sobre estos dos personajes y dibujar lo que pasa a continuación.


  1. Rodney and Gisela lay beneath the overpass of Interstate 5, gazing at the moon and stars peeking through the ribbons of highway loaded with cars going this way and that.

    His eyes full of wonder, Rodney whispered,"Gisela? Why do you think those creatures climb in the metalglassrubberfourwheeltransports and zoom back and forth?"

    Gisela scratched her bean pod. Smiling she answered, "Hmm..don't know. Maybe they can't go up and down...after all Rodney, they are EARTHLINGS."

    Tucking his hands beneath his tired pod, Rodney sighed. "Yes, and to think, they have a WHOLE SKY to move around in...amazing."

    "Yes," Gisela agreed, "but maybe they are afraid they will bump into their moon and all those stars."

    Glancing at each other, they burst into laughter, exclaiming, " Ha! No chance of that!"

  2. Hola Gabi, yo soy una chica americana qui conozco tu hermano Jose Luis. El es un amigo de mi marido. Yo hablar espanol muy terrible, pero, I try! Yo escrito una pequeno historia para tu! Abrazos, Rose

  3. wow, Rose, thanks so much for the story! rodney and gisela seem like the perfect names!