Friday, August 24, 2007

Bus week (1 of 2)

This was for sure my most productive week of sketching on the bus and while waiting for it. Here's half of what I did. I'll post the other half tomorrow because now I'm about to fall sleep on the keyboard... zzzzz.
Esta semana sí que ha sido la más productiva dibujando en el bus o mientras lo esperaba. Aquí pongo la mitad de mis sketches, el resto mañana porque ahora estoy a punto de quedarme dormido en el teclado... zzzzz.


  1. Wonderful, Gabi - I always love these!

  2. So many sketches...and these are only the first half!
    All great and my favorite(love doing this with you sketches..) is the guy sleeping - 3rd group from the top, bigger sketch to the it.