Saturday, July 14, 2007

Women read, men snooze, with exceptions

It seems to me that women who ride the bus read more than men who ride the bus (last two spreads). It's a very non scientific finding but just something that caught my eye this week during my bus commute. Or is it that women read more in general? I know my wife does!
Me parece que las mujeres que van en transporte público leen más que los hombres (cuatro páginas últimas). Es una observación mía sin base científica, pero me ha llamado la atención esta semana yendo en el bus. ¿O quizá sea que las mujeres leen más en general? Al menos eso es cierto en mi casa con mi mujer.


  1. casey3:02 AM

    Great sketchbook pages, Gabi. I think you may be right about women reading more..

  2. I am the one who has her ear buds snug in her ears listening to an audiobook on her ipod! Me facinan tus dibujos de camion y me encuentro deseando dibujar mas en publico a la gente....veremos.

  3. wow gabi, these are fantastic. really fantastic. i wish i had the confidence to do this, i'm guessing it's a way to really improve your techniques of drawing people (not that you need to improve!). i think you may be right women do seem to read more and definately men seem to 'nod off' more!

  4. Wonderful pages! I like all the little details, and the notes.

  5. It always amazes me how much of the bus you can fit onto the pages of your sketchbook. I always enjoy looking at the bus sketches because they are soooo interesting. These are wonderful.