Sunday, July 29, 2007

Volkswagen Beetle

I haven't been doing much sketching while sitting at traffic lights lately, but today I found myself at the steering wheel again and had my Strathmore 3.5" x 5" spiral sketchpad with me. At one red light, I was close to this beautiful old orange Volkswagen Beetle and started drawing. When the light turned green I put the pen down of course and waited for the next red light to finish the sketch. By then he had made a right turn and dissappeared so I had to add the last details from memory. But still, I liked the way it turned out, especially after I added color at home with Prismacolor markers.
Últimamente no he dibujado mucho mientras espero a que el semáforo se ponga verde cuando voy conduciendo, pero hoy me ha tocado conducir y llevaba conmigo mi bloc de espiral Strathmore. En un semáforo en rojo tenía al lado un Volkswagen 'escarabajo' de los antiguos precioso, de color naranja, y lo empecé a dibujar. Cuando el semáforo se puso verde dejé el rotulador por supuesto y esperé al próximo semáforo en rojo para acabar el dibujo, pero el 'escarabajo' ya había girado a la derecha y desaparecido así que acabé los últimos detalles del apunte de memoria. De todos modos, me gusta cómo ha salido, especialmente después de ponerle color con rotuladores Prismacolor.


  1. This is great! There is a car JUST LIKE THIS for sale at our local Volkswagen dealer. We were browsing the lot the other night (dreaming of a new car). I think they wanted about $6000 for it... and it had a flat tire. Outstanding sketch. Your traffic sketches are really wonderful!

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