Thursday, June 21, 2007

Riding the bus

The man with the salt and pepper moustache was sitting in front of me. It was a great opportunity to draw someone head on, not in profile. He was really into his book.
Este señor con bigote canoso estaba sentado delante de mí. Ofrecía una oportunidad muy buena de dibujar a alguien de cara, no de perfil. El hombre estaba muy concentrado en su lectura.

I'm trying to draw more outdoor views. Here's Stewart St. from the stop where I take the bus home.
Estoy intentado dibujar mas exteriores. Aquí se ve Stewart St., donde tomo el bus de vuelta a casa.

I like when I get to use some bright colors, like with this red purse.
Me gusta cuando puedo utilizar algunos colores llamativos, como el rojo de este bolso.

Something a little different with my hands and sketchbook in the foreground, sitting on the back of the bus.
Algo un poco diferente con mis manos y cuaderno en primer plano, sentado en el fondo del autobús.


  1. This is a wonderful set of drawings. I'm amazed at the amount of detail you can get in when you're working in a short time ON A BUS!! - Barbara

  2. Wonderful sketches...all of them, as usual Gabi! I love the womann with the red bag...she's got great legs!

  3. These are just wonderful....puts my border sketches to shame:>

  4. Your bus sketches are terrific!! The one where we see your hands and sketchbook is amazing. Thanks for letting us see them.

  5. These are great - love them. I'm amazed you manage to get so much down in such a short period of time. The touches of colour seem just right.

  6. Wow! What a variety! You made some great observations, and showed them so well. These are so good, I bet your city and the bus company or whatever, would love to see them. wouldn't it be cool for a city to publish something with lots of people's drawings along this line?

    The one with your hands showing is really nice!

  7. Great sketches as always, Gabi. Love the one with your hands and sketchbook in. The colors are great also!