Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Longer days

We changed the time forward one hour last weekend. It's nice to see light out by the time I catch my bus home.
Adelantamos el reloj una hora el fin de semana pasado y cuando cojo el autobús para casa aún es de día. Mucho mejor.


  1. Hi Gabi, I'm surely the first to see your work, because it just came in!! And I like it very much! Your buildings, the guy reading the book...so good.

  2. Doesn't that one extra hour of sunshine make all the difference? I'm enjoying reading through your blog. Your images are all so engaging. I especially like the orange and blue in the streetscape. They play off one another so well. Plus...the fact that you didn't color everything really appeals to me. I have a hard time holding back, but this shows the power of doing so.