Friday, February 16, 2007

Working out

I dared to draw a few people at the gym again... There was a good spot on a bank of exercise equipment on the second floor from where I could see people working out on the weight machines on the main floor. So I pedaled and drew at the same time! (colored later with Prismacolor pencils.)
Por segunda vez me he atrevido a dibujar gente en el gimnasio. He encontrado un buen lugar en el segundo piso desde donde podía ver a la gente utilizando las máquinas de pesas en el piso principal. Así que yo pedaleaba en la bici y tomaba unos cuantos apuntes al mismo tiempo! (coloreado después con lápices Prismacolor).


  1. Nice job, you can really feel the effort some of them are putting into it!

  2. i could never draw and work out at the same time. i´m a great multi tasker, but not with my hands. ;)

  3. Wow - good job sketching AND working out! These little action sketches are great.