Thursday, January 25, 2007

To edit or not to edit

I drew our car while we were having lunch at 'Subway' today. And I'm posting the sketch here both in context and edited. I've been dwelling on what is the best way to post stuff from sketchbooks... editing the drawing, or showing the context in which it was drawn, a moleskine, spiral sketchbook, napkin... you name it. Any thoughts?
Hoy he dibujado nuestro coche mientras comíamos en 'Subway'. Lo pongo aquí tal cual con libreta de espiral incluída, y también después de editarlo en Photoshop: únicamente el dibujo. Llevo tiempo pensando cuál es la mejor manera de reproducir estos apuntes aquí en el blog... sólo los dibujos, o con el contexto de la libreta, el sketchbook o la servilleta de papel si ahí hubiera hecho el dibujo. ¿Qué opción te parece mejor?


  1. wagonized2:42 AM

    Looks like a Pontiac Vibe to me... :-)
    I personally like cropping the pictures to avoid showing spirals, etc -- but it depends on the drawing itself. In this case, i actually like seeing the border of the page!!
    I like this sketch a lot.

  2. Another lively, wonderful sketch! I think it's a personal decision whether or not to put in the spirals, etc. I never do; but I like both formats.

  3. i always edit out the extraneous things, like spirals, page edges, creases, or stuff when possible. but in writing about my drawing, i always state when it was drawn with and what type of paper used. love the drawing of the car. feels carefree and secure.

  4. I'll agree with the others, like the edited one better, unless your drawing or sketch includes both back and front from the previous page. I always edit mine.

  5. Gabi,
    I usually edit mine, unless I want to show scale, so people can see the size of the drawing. Most spiral bindings are a standard size, so it can give an idea how big or little a drawing was.

    Nice sketch!

  6. I edit out the spirals but not the folds...thats alot more me lazy...great car sketch...but all of yours are!

  7. I like seeing the spiral edge of the book on this one. It feels more intimate, like I am looking at the actual drawing. My sketchbook post usually have the edges showing but some things are cropped. Nice work, I like your style.

  8. I like the drawing a lot. I often have to photograph rather than scan, so I always have to crop. Personally I think I'll always crop where possible, though I may start to include dimensions, to give an idea of scale.